Aniguru is a premium Animation Training Company the first of its kind in India, having made thorough and successful research into the prospect of introducing Animation to children at a very young age. With an objective of venturing out to make animation studies simpler for all ages. With an objective of venturing out to make animation studies simpler for all ages. Aniguru integrates animation studies with schooling, from First to Twelfth standards. Aniguru’s novel Endeavour of furthering this idea has taken the education sector by storm creating ripples within the industry, with numerous schools volunteering enthusiastically to imbibe the concept in their respective institutions.
The interest of the schooling community is evident of the fact that this concept has been waiting to be explored and thus here Aniguru is poised to successfully field the same in a majorly ramifying scale. As a Limited Company Aniguru has been established with the prime purpose of imparting premium quality animation education, from primary to high school level across the Indian subcontinent, and later expand to a pan Asia base. The best support and the proclaiming edge that Aniguru has , is its collaboration with the Worlds most renowned Animation Company Toon Boom Inc.,Canada

Aniguru endeavors to bring forth the best of a students artistic and creative aptitude by acquainting, educating and training her/him in all the basic and advanced nuances of Animation studies by adopting easy to use techniques, advanced software’s and easily understood and simplified methodology.
Aniguru believes animation is a strong technique of learning. We believe Integrating education with animation helps increase child involvement, which in turn helps to understand in comparison to just knowing.

The vision of Aniguru is to reach the minds of all school children and nurture the latent art hidden in their personae and imbibe in them a desire to learn to develop their creativity.
To empower every child with a strong technique of learning, in order to understand and absorb, through the medium of Animation

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