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    Why do we need animation in school?

    Animation today has virtually seeped into every sector; from business to education, its implementation has been esteemed and adapted to face the unseen challenges of the future. And every school today aims at equipping the child for a better and competitive tomorrow. Animation apart from being a fun filled activity would provide the child an edge above the rest.

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    Is this a professional computer animation course?

    No, it’s not a professional animation course but an educational animation learning program designed for the kids from class 1- 12, though the Toon Boom 2D software that is taught is widely used by professional animators across the globe.

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    How will the animation program fit into the curriculum?

    The entire program is devised in such a manner that it can easily accommodate itself in the existing curriculum. The program is based on cross curriculum methodology wherein the child would comprehend the existing subjects with ease apart from learning animation.

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    What is the minimum number of students required for implementation of the program?

    The minimum number of students required for implementation of program would be 250.

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    Where all has the program been implemented?

    The program has been incorporated in most of the premium schools across the western countries like U.S.A, Canada and several parts of Asia. In India around thirty schools have agreed to implement the program.

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    Since how long has the company been into the market?

    The parent company Toon Boom has been in the market for the past 15 years, and has transferred a huge section of expertise to Aniguru Animation.

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    We already have flash animation in school so why do we need animation again in the school?

    The flash software is a vector based animation tool used mainly for web purpose. Its applications are complex, elaborate and very limited in comparison to other animation softwares like Toon Boom. Toon Boom software is very simple and easy to learn; moreover the teaching program is designed in a manner that the child is not just familiar with the software but is also taught how to integrate his studies with animation. Moreover most of the production houses use animate over flash to create animation movies. 

    Refer : http://www.youtube.com/user/ToonBoomAnimation#p/u/73/PA660fZlxGo

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    How many sessions per week you need after the implementation of program?

    The program would require 2 sessions per week but can be modified as per the school’s requirement.

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    Is your software a third party software or it’s your own software designed?

    The software is owned and designed by Toon Boom .Inc, but Aniguru holds the exclusive rights for ten years of the software across the Indian subcontinent and Asia Pacific.

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    Will the software be updated regularly by you?

    Yes, the software will updated by Aniguru.

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    What is the duration of the course?

    The program has been divided into 12 segments and as the child upgrades in his understanding the level of program would get more intense and intricate.

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