ICT (Information and Communication Technology) is influencing every sphere of our life. It is gaining increasing importance as the world begins to depend more and more on this powerful technology for simple, everyday functions to complex professional tasks. Indispensable to life in this modern world, ICT competence is now a decisive edge as its versatility in functioning in a range of situations is enabling better career prospects and a brighter future. It is thus more than imperative to get children familiarized with this technology at an early age.
The academic system has a vital role to play in empowering students with the knowledge and skills required to function and progress in this increasingly digitized world.
Despite the critical importance of ICT as a life skill and a learning catalyst, students are yet to benefit from the overwhelming advantages of this vital technology as schools continue to persist with conventional education models.
The syllabus is imparted through perfunctory sessions in the classroom where attention, learning and retention levels of students are relatively low. Studies show that classroom sessions which are characterized by virtually mechanical, one-way discourses are not effective in engaging and commanding the attention of learners as much as they should. Importantly, with a poor tracking system to understand learning levels and assess student performance accurately, today’s learning environment is not as effective as one desires.
In such a scenario, an integrated, ICT based learning system to enable teachers engage students and help them learn effectively is the need of the hour.

The defining feature of Aniguru Gennxt is its versatility which makes it module-compatible with all the education boards in India. Thus, all schools, irrespective of the board affiliations can adopt Aniguru Gennxt and integrate it into the education system for the benefit of the teachers and students.

Importantly, the Aniguru Gennxt understand that every schools has its own unique way of imparting education which is why the professional team at Aniguru has ensured that the ICT module can be customized to meet specific needs of individual schools for better results.

Aniguru Gennxt with its raft of interesting academic modules delivered through animation and games, ensures a highly engaging, effective and outcome-driven way of learning to help children achieve optimum performance.

As a completely interactive learning which promotes self initiative, students experience a high level of involvement and interactivity is (100%) leading to an enriching learning experience.

The primary aim and focus of the program is to enhance the Computer syllabus for schools in an interactive methodology. The interactivity triggers combined with the simulation-enriched modules ensure minimal involvement for the teacher and maximum initiative of the student. This enables students take control of their own learning: a key skill that will help students immensely in their future careers.

While most schools rely on unit test and examination marks to ascertain a student’s performance, Aniguru Gennxt has a superior assessment and tracking methodology integrated into the module to ensure that student performance is reviewed constantly, with the opportunity to take corrective measures and assist the student in keeping pace with the program. This ensures that no student falls back and the results are optimized.

Aniguru GENnxt Highlights

Gen thumbsup
  • Integrated e-learning
  • Simulation
  • Access @ home
  • Multi platform access
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Online enrolment
  • User control
  • Data protection, security and back-up