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It takes a perfect blend of unsurpassed creativity and imagination to create new levels of thrills and present the unimaginable world to the people. And one such tool that has supported this great imagination and innovation is animation. A universal art form that has entertained, informed, and instructed generations around the world for almost 100 years.
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aniguru is featured in education world magazine
Aniguru associates with India's largest educational conference held in Delhi
20 Aug 2011 Aniguru was the key sponsor of the event and availed an opportunity to interact and display the program to some of the wizards in educational field. the program was welcomes utmost applause and appreciation
Aniguru has commenced its program in Kennedy High School in Hyderabad
01 Jul 2011 program details
Aniguru Website relaunched with New Design & Features
25 Oct 2010 Aniguru Website relaunched with New Design & Features
Aniguru Website Launch
04 Oct 2010 Aniguru partners with Revalsys Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. for creation and development of their website.

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